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Stop Smoking/Quit Smoking


Stop Smoking/Quit Smoking

To stop smoking/quit smoking why not consider the A1 Natural Therapy Centre providing hypnotherapy in Belfast to help you to stop smoking. We have hypnotherapists in Belfast, both male and female, who provide advanced hypnotherapy helping you to beat that unhealthy costly habit of smoking. We have successfully helped many people over the years to stop smoking and to enjoy the many benefits of overcoming this habit.

Hypnotherapy for Stopping Smoking

Many, many people have enjoyed the success of using Hypnotherapy for to Stop Smoking.

Just being able to say NO to a cigarette easily is something that a lot of smokers would love to be able to do, but for many of these smokers the habit is just too hard to break. They worry that if they give up this habit that they will gain weight, suffer terrible cravings, feel very irritable or may even feel as though they would lose their "best friend".

Hypnotherapy in Belfast at the A1 Natural Therapy Centre can help you to overcome these concerns. We can help you to defeat this un-natural habit and to quit smoking and empower you to regain a healthier, positive outlook without the need of a cigarette, enabling you to enjoy the positive benefits of being a non-smoker. All smoking sessions are tailored to your individual needs.

Benefits of Stopping Smoking

There are many positive benefits to be had when you quit smoking. Firstly and most importantly you will improve your overall health, and secondly, you will have more money in your purse/wallet. Just imagine being able to spend the money you are saving on your smoking habit on some little luxury that you are doing without because of your habit.

Some of the benefits that you will gain within a short time of giving up Smoking are as follows:

  • Your breathing becomes easier
  • Your sense of smell and taste improves
  • Your teeth will be whiter and you will have fresher breath
  • You will be helping your skin by preventing those annoying little wrinkles that gather around a smoker's mouth.
  • Your eyes will look brighter
  • You will be helping your heart and lungs
  • You will also have more money in your pocket.

Do you know what is in the cigarette that you smoke?

Everyone knows there is Nicotine and Tar in the cigarette but many people are surprised to learn that there are thousands of other chemicals associated to cigarettes, too many to name, but listed below are some of the better known ones:

Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Ammonia, Formaldehyde, Methane, Methanol, Benzene, Hydrogen Sulphate, Hydrogen Cyanide, DDT, Nitrogen Oxide, Pyridine, Nickel Compounds to name just a few. In addition to these chemicals given off purely as a result of the tobacco leaf burning, there are numerous other substances that may be present as a result of the plantation environment and the conditions in which the harvested leaf is stored and shipped.

Contact Details

If you have decided that the time is now right for you to quit smoking, then contact us today on Belfast 028 90 792 822 or you can e-mail us via the contact page.

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